Timothy Tenne joins Faradair® advisory board

Faradair® is delighted to announce its further team expansion with the addition of Timothy Tenne to its advisory board. With over 25 years’ experience in aviation, which includes: air carrier, commercial, charter, general, and UAS.  Tim’s experience spans regulatory, policy, operations, safety, and test.

As an aviator, Tim has over 15,000 hours of world-wide instructor and evaluator heavy transport flying in various types. Prior to retiring from the Air Force, he served in various senior leadership roles including; commander, director of operations, oversaw testing and evaluation of entire air mobility fleet, to include acquisition of multiple new start aircraft programs. In addition, while serving as a leader at the FAA, Tim developed multiple UAS regulations and organizational structures.

Tim holds an undergraduate degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, an MBA, an MA in Organizational Management from the George Washington University, an MA in Strategy from the Air Command and Staff College, and recently completed his Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Baltimore.

Tim brings depth and breadth of experience to the Faradair Team that will enable the company to begin its transition into the BEHA M1H prototype engineering phase and the opening of dialogue with the regulatory authorities for this exciting hybrid electric aircraft.

Managing Director of Faradair® – Neil Cloughley  said this – “Hybrid Electric flight is offering a new opportunity to link regions via economically viable air transport and it is a vision our company has been presenting since 2014”. “Adding an individual of Tim’s experience and calibre to the team, boosts our already impressive advisory board and gives us the skill sets we need to move toward our flying prototype development programme.”

Continuing he said “Tim’s experience within the FAA and political circles within Washington, will enable the Faradair®  BEHA to fulfil its market potential, strengthening propositions currently in negotiation. We are genuinely delighted to have Tim join us as we believe hybrid electric flight should be showcased on an aircraft specifically designed for hybrid electric flight, designed in the 21st century.”

Timothy Tenne, said this of his new role – “I’m excited to assist Faradair® in bringing the BEHA to market based on the viability of the hybrid, high-lift, multi-capable platform in getting through vigorous regulatory certification processes.  This is an important revolution and inflection point in aviation as we transition from traditional aircraft platforms and reduce use of carbon footprints.”

He continues “The BEHA variants provide a full spectrum of use from regional passenger service, cargo, charter, military and UAS opportunity and as a multi-use platform, it offers capability to deliver viable economics to the operator, with reduced noise and emissions. It is a genuinely exciting aircraft that will have significant market potential in the USA and around the world”.


Ends – November 2019

Enabling worldwide logistics for a global Britain

Enabling worldwide logistics for a global Britain

Logistic support remains the key constraint to global maritime task group operations

The future force will require logistic support that is globally responsive and integrated with commercial solutions

Secretary of State for Defence – Rt Hon. Penny Mordaunt

On July the 3rd 2019, Managing Director of Faradair® – Neil Cloughley, met with the Secretary of State for Defence – Rt Hon. Penny Mordaunt to discuss the BEHA M1H hybrid electric aircraft development programme, along with the associated opportunities to deliver a British designed and manufactured aircraft, for a variety of roles within UK Armed Forces.

The meeting was also attended by Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Defence – Rt Hon. Alex Chalk, MP for Cheltenham and the Chairman of the Defence Select Committee – Rt Hon. Dr Julian Lewis MP.

The meeting held on July the 3rd, updated developments with the aircraft, the potential capabilities and opportunities for UK Armed Forces with the asset and the challenges faced by the business over the last five years.

Launched in 2014 and initially developed for civilian hybrid electric regional air transport opportunity, the BEHA M1H has design origins based on the world’s first combat UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) designed in the UK nearly 30 years ago, four years before the US MQ1 Predator was created.

With extensive personnel experience in ‘joined-wing’ flight demonstrators, the Faradair® BEHA M1H builds on proven legacy and at the Farnborough Airshow 2018, Faradair® revealed the military specification variant of the BEHA (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft). The unique capabilities of the aircraft and the significant opportunities that the aircraft could deliver toward future non-civilian operations, the BEHA is a Joint Force multiplier, freeing expensive Rotary Wing assets for specialist tasking.

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Faradair® announces hybrid electric commercial flight capability from 2025

Faradair® announces hybrid electric commercial flight capability from 2025


At Revolution.aero in London today, the British aerospace start-up Faradair®, has revealed its intention to certify its revolutionary 18 seat, hybrid electric ‘BEHA’ aircraft (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft) by 2025 for passenger operations.

Designated the BEHA_M1H, this hybrid powered aircraft utilises a design patented ‘Triple Box-wing’ high-lift configuration, delivering Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capability requiring less than 300 meters of runway. With twin contra-rotating ‘propfans’ within a vectored thrust, acoustic reduction duct that improves efficiency and reduces noise to a target of just 60dba at take-off.

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Faradair® announces unmanned, autonomous firefighting ‘Air Tanker’

Faradair® announces unmanned, autonomous firefighting ‘Air Tanker’


Following on from a very successful Farnborough Airshow in July ( https://youtu.be/bH7oOwPMpg8 ) Faradair Aerospace Limited is pleased to announce a Drone variant of the Turboprop powered BEHA M1 (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft), in firefighting specification called the BEHA M1-AT (Air Tanker).

Considerable interest has already been shown in the BEHA M1 military variant following the popular International Airshow, with discussions now ongoing as to exact specification capability and design optimisation adjustment to fulfil those roles.

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New team member and podcast

New team member and podcast

We are very pleased to announce a new team member to our advisory board – Aidan Stevens

Aidan has been helping the company for a few months and has agreed to join the advisory board, bringing his knowledge and experience from the financial markets, LEP’s, SME and start-up operations and private equity investment.

His input during our current funding negotiations adds a further experienced voice to the Faradair team and enables the company to consider new finance structures and opportunities as we enter the growth phase of our programme. Below is the bio description on our advisory board page;

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Commuting via hybrid aircraft

Commuting via hybrid aircraft

Commuting and daily regional air flights took one step closer to reality today as Faradair® begins wind tunnel and flight testing scale models of its 200+mph BEHA (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft), an aircraft specifically designed for intercity flight and air commuting.

Faradair®, the UK’s leading hybrid aircraft development start-up believes its planned ‘Sky Hailing’ service via an App on your phone, will make regional and commuting flights commonplace through use of its futuristic looking BEHA.

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“The Journey of an Aerospace Start-up” RAeS Lecture

“The Journey of an Aerospace Start-up” RAeS Lecture

Faradair gave a recent lecture to the Bristol branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) to share the journey of an Aerospace start-up over the last three years.

From discussing the foundations for starting an aviation company and the commercial aircraft market to the lessons learned and the exciting opportunities, Faradair Managing Director Neil Cloughley gave a frank, honest and open dialogue about the journey and challenges faced by anyone thinking of becoming an aerospace entrepreneur, especially within the UK.

 “Some of the issues that R.J. Mitchell encountered then, 80 years ago, we still have now…. how can that be?” – Neil pointed out

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Faradair® announces new R&D office at Swansea University

Faradair® announces new R&D office at Swansea University


Offering Welsh university students the unique opportunity to change the face of aviation, double award winning new UK hybrid aircraft manufacturer Faradair® is opening a research and development (R&D) centre at Swansea University’s College of Engineering under the supervision of Dr Ben Evans, Associate Professor in Aerospace Engineering.

This new collaboration gives Post Doctorate students keen to enter the aviation industry the opportunity to apply for an exciting aerospace research and development role in Wales. In addition, existing students will be tasked with problem solving as part of an actual new aircraft development programme, as opposed to simple theory for ‘what if’ scenarios.

The office will open with the new intake of students in September 2017 and will become a key part of the multi-role, 6-8 seat BEHA (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft) development programme. Combining latest technologies with innovation, BEHA’s unique design and hybrid propulsion system will not only revolutionise urban flying through reduced operational costs and the considerable reduction in noise and emissions pollution, but it will also serve a number of alternative roles including unmanned operations, light cargo, patrol, tourism and regional air taxi duties. Dr Evans was appointed Chief Aerodynamicist for Faradair® earlier this year.

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