Faradair – one year on

What a year! We only launched 12 months ago, but those 12 months have seen us grow from an unknown start-up with a great idea, to one which is being recognised as a real pioneer of cleaner, greener, safer aviation with BEHA, our mean, green flying machine.

We can’t divulge all the activities which have been going on behind the scenes, but check out just some of our acheivements over the past 12 months:

  • recognition in media in over 20 countries
  • the formation of an advisory board which includes Ken Scarince former financial controller for Virgin Galactic and internationally-renowned wildlife expert Will Travers OBE
  • a growing list of partners including Cranfield University, Avidyne and Prodrive
  • we are supporting other businesses and organisations who share our vision through our social partners program
  • launch of a new website
  • and finally, following months of design analysis review we were really proud to reveal the first major evolution of BEHA recently

We are truly thrilled with the growing interest in our project with more organisations inviting us to speak at conferences and events, and our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn attracting more followers.

A huge thank you to all who have supported us over the past year and we look forward to the next exciting 12 months.

Come and join us on our journey – we have a great patron program and invite investors to get on board. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of aviation history.

We continue to get closer to the build of the BEHA prototype and our first hybrid propulsion systems, and we are very much looking forward to demonstrating the truly quiet flight experience of BEHA, offering clean option air travel and pioneering a new generation of hybrid aircraft.

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