Month: December 2015

#MISSION2020 – The next phase of growth

#MISSION2020 – The next phase of growth

Today we launch our ‘#Mission2020’ campaign, with target set to have BEHA prototypes flying at both the Farnborough Airshow 2020 and Expo2020 in Dubai.

With recent announcements at COP21 in Paris and the growing demand for clean air solutions for regional transport, Faradair has pushed itself into a position where it is one of the UK’s leading ‘green’ aviation solutions. Millions of people around the world have understood that mankind has a significant impact on the environment around us and it is reported that aviation is accountable for 5% of manmade pollution into the atmosphere.

In just 12 months, Faradair has taken a prominent position to begin development of an aircraft that can actually begin to make an impact into reducing aviation pollution from both emissions and an operational noise perspective. The BEHA (Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft) is a biofuel capable aircraft, designed for short take-off and landing capability which in itself reduces the ‘noise cone’ impact on surrounding populace. The aircraft reduces its noise footprint further through the use of electric motors for take-off and landing, switching then to its internal combustion engine for the main part of flight journey, run from biofuel or JetA1 when biofuel is not available.

This true ‘hybrid’ propulsion system, allows the aircraft to re-charge it’s batteries during the cruising period of the journey, ready for the next use either in loiter or landing and subsequent take-off. Whilst there is future focus toward all electric flight, BEHA is the perfect interim solution via hybrid technology available today. This enables us to sell our six seat aircraft to private individuals, government officials and a range of other market opportunities, where a quiet urban aircraft that significantly reduces the operator’s carbon footprint and pollution output is desired.

The long term goal and objective for Faradair, is to then scale up the BEHA to a regional commercial aircraft, with 20-30 seats, able to operate in and out of city airports and regional hub airfields, offering more air travel choices to the public, whilst reducing load on key primary airports that are best served by focusing on International air transport. The European Union has set the aviation community a challenge to offer cleaner aviation solutions and alternatives as part of its Clean Sky and Horizon 2020 programmes. Faradair is at the very forefront of this new aviation industry sector and our own target is also now linked with 2020.

The intention is simple, the company intends to fly and demonstrate BEHA at the Farnborough Airshow in 2020, it will then begin a journey directly from the Airshow to the Middle East and into Dubai, where we hope to be able to fly as part of Expo 2020, with the organisers permission.

In order to get to this point, we continue our development programme with our ‘Mission 2020’ focus. This will include the launch of our Series A funding round in the New Year (2016), where we will ask investors to join us and our global brand partners, to not just ‘talk’ about clean transportation technologies, but to actually do something to make this next generation of aircraft a reality within sensible timeframes.cloughley_faradair_web

At the recent Electric and Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium in Bremen, Germany we presented our vision and programme and we also heard of various other initiatives, some aimed toward 2050! As one commentator mentioned “I will be dead in 2050”, it begs the question, why do we focus on such long term objectives, when we can make a bridge to that time and technology capability today? At Faradair, we believe in reality and delivering opportunity to increase air transport opportunity, whilst reducing the impact of aviation on the environment and those living near airports. What we need are investors with the vision to understand the long term objective that we intend to deliver, through a sensible and well-structured development programme today.

That journey continues today, with #Mission2020 and we would like you to join us in this journey. Ignore the hyperbole and those who talk a good game when it comes to climate change and reducing our impact on the environment and instead, start to invest in companies making a genuine difference to lessen our impact on the world.

When people discuss how their ‘App’ will ‘disrupt’ the world, it is hard to take them seriously when you look at the problems the world faces today. But we believe, that an aircraft that can provide low impact travel and tourism capability by day and light utility and wildlife protection capability by night, is a true ‘disruption’ tech within the aviation sector. Aircraft from the 1960’s are to be found at every airfield around the world, with modern general aviation aircraft all based on similar themes and shapes. Let’s innovate, lets push new boundaries, let’s do something that makes a statement…..BEHA is making that statement and #Mission2020 is our objective.

Please join us either on Twitter (@faradair), Facebook (/Faradair) or as an investor and make your voice heard, be part of something that aims to make a genuine difference, rather than marketing propaganda. We welcome all of you to join us and together, we can make a more sustainable future, thank you.

Anyone wishing to receive further information or those interested in updates as we begin to finalise our Series A investment programme, please use our contact us form and we’ll keep you updated.

All of us at Faradair wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season and we look forward to the New Year to continue our fantastic journey!