PRESS RELEASE – Faradair® recognised for innovation

Faradair® has received a Business Innovation award for ‘BEHA’ its pioneering 6-seat, carbon composite, hybrid aircraft project in the Gloucestershire Business Awards 2016.

Gloucestershire Echo Business Awards 2016 Stephen Marston presents Neil Coughley and Trevor Cloughley with the Business Innovation award Address: Cheltenham Racecourse Credit: Rob Lacey Date: 6-10-2016
Gloucestershire Echo Business Awards 2016
Stephen Marston presents Neil Coughley and Trevor Cloughley with the Business Innovation award
Address: Cheltenham Racecourse
Credit: Rob Lacey
Date: 6-10-2016

This is the second time Faradair® has been recognised for its achievements – just recently, it was named ‘New Business of the Year’ by the Cirencester Chamber of Commerce awards and now it has been issued an award for Innovation.

“We are absolutely delighted to receive this award,” says Neil Cloughley, Managing Director, Faradair Aerospace Limited. “To receive an award like this is a huge boost and achievement for our entire team, especially considering the past aviation innovation history of this region. The fact that I was able to accept the award with my father, recognising the role he plays in our business today and the work he did previously in the UAV sector, makes this a great honour for us and a very special moment for our family”

“Since forming Faradair®, our mission is to provide alternative air transport opportunity that defeats the primary objections of ‘noise, cost and emissions’ that currently hinder air transport use in a regional environment. Once we have demonstrated how our BEHA (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft) can offer a viable regional transport capability, then the burden on cities and land based transport systems will reduce, adding competition to help drive down travel costs for all” he says.

“Urban air transport and e-mobility is on the public radar with companies like Uber now considering local air transport options, a vision we have been talking about since we founded in 2014. Hopefully this award will help highlight that a British company is leading a path in this exciting new sector and with the proper support we can continue to grow with an aim to emulate the global success of role model local brands such as Dyson,” he says.

Major achievements to date include:

  • a joint venture with world-class motorsport engineering and advanced technology firm Prodrive to develop Hybraero, a H600 hybrid engine propulsion system designed to sit within existing six cylinder engine footprints
  • partnering with Prodrive, Cranfield University and Avidyne Corporation to develop the BEHA
  • diligent concept analysis and development with IP and Trademark registrations
  • invitations to speak at multiple international conferences
  • Global media coverage in over 30 countries

“The United Kingdom was responsible for some of the aviation industries greatest innovations and to follow in these historical footprints is an honour and a motivator to deliver one of the world’s quietest, safest, most cost effective to operate and low emissions aircraft to have been created in this 21st century. Our BEHA is on an exciting development path to 2020 and we hope you follow our journey” says Mr Cloughley.


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October 2016


Notes to editors

The BEHA (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft) is the brainchild of commercial aviation and former IT entrepreneur Neil Cloughley. He believes his new venture ‘Faradair®’ is evolving at the perfect time for clean-technology and environmentally friendly aircraft, resulting in a programme that is attracting world class, market leading partners which in turn is generating increased global interest in BEHA. The greatest challenge and restriction from further aviation sector growth comes from emissions and noise output from Aircraft. Neil has created a team, a company, a brand and an initial aircraft design concept that could significantly increase urban aviation opportunity. In just 24 months Faradair has inserted itself into a market and it intends to be one of the leading companies in this new aviation sector.

About Faradair

Faradair is a new aviation company based in the heart of the Cotswolds in the UK. This Cirencester start-up is working with a select group of partners to deliver innovative prototype aircraft and propulsion systems that are set for trials over the next three years. While the opportunity for pure electric flight is the long term goal for much of the aviation sector, there exists an opportunity today for hybrid solutions enabling the six seat Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft (BEHA) to carve its position as one of the leading eco-friendly aircraft types of a new aircraft generation.

The exciting Joint Venture between Faradair and Prodrive called ‘Hybraero’ is to develop a new form of hybrid aviation engine that is not only creating a propulsion system for BEHA, but it is creating a stand-alone market opportunity for the new Hybraero H600 engine, a 600hp capable hybrid propulsion engine incorporating a clean sheet design, JetA1/Biofuel internal combustion engine with integrated electric motors.

Faradair aims to be one of the world’s leading hybrid aviation technology companies and future projects include a larger regional commuter variant of BEHA. This will significantly reduce the impact of intercity commercial aviation on the environment and on those living within close proximity of airports, whilst also providing a financially viable alternative to road and rail transport.

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