“The Journey of an Aerospace Start-up” RAeS Lecture

Faradair gave a recent lecture to the Bristol branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) to share the journey of an Aerospace start-up over the last three years.

From discussing the foundations for starting an aviation company and the commercial aircraft market to the lessons learned and the exciting opportunities, Faradair Managing Director Neil Cloughley gave a frank, honest and open dialogue about the journey and challenges faced by anyone thinking of becoming an aerospace entrepreneur, especially within the UK.

 “Some of the issues that R.J. Mitchell encountered then, 80 years ago, we still have now…. how can that be?” – Neil pointed out

Over 100 people attended the hour long lecture and appreciated the extra time given for the Q&A at the end.

They heard from the heart with regards to the journey, awards won and their meaning to Neil and the team. The rationale for Hybrid aircraft versus pure electric aircraft today was presented, a market leading position the company took back in 2014.

Neil explained why the Faradair team has the expertise to deliver their goals, the rationale behind their thinking, whilst demonstrating an understanding of the market challenges and the realistic path for the future. Other points highlighted covered the area of ‘Air Mobility’, airtaxi, manned drones and the genuine multi-role capability of the BEHA aircraft.

Never one to ‘pull his punches’, Neil has strong opinions based on years of experience. He believes that in order to progress, we must first learn to accept and challenge the mistakes of the past in order to build a solid opportunity for the future, “This means I often do not ‘toe the line’ and sometimes the information heard can be uncomfortable for some,” he adds.

“I am extremely grateful to the RAeS Bristol branch for the opportunity to share our journey so far. We’re in exciting times with Faradair as we take our plans to the next level.”.

Why not grab a coffee, sit down and have a watch of the video below and hear about the Journey of an aerospace start-up (Lecture is 1 hour the Q&A at the end is 20 minutes) and if you would like to find out more or become involved with this fantastic team and the UK’s leading hybrid aircraft development programme, then please do not hesitate to contact us.