Cranfield University

BEHA partner – Cranfield University

When the BEHA concept was born, there was only one University that instantly came to mind as the most likely place for us to be able to receive world class assistance in initial design analysis and that was Cranfield. As a startup company, we didn’t have all the aerospace engineering resources that we would have liked in terms of personnel and¬†equipment and so we turned to Cranfield University and the College of Aeronautics to help us in the initial analysis of our design.


With the assistance of an Innovate UK grant, we began work with the University, studying our innovative wing configuration along with a number of alternative configurations as a comparison. The majority of this work was completed via Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to better understand the fluid mechanics of our proposed design. Over 65 simulations were run and we were absolutely delighted with our initial design performance, which we fine tuned with wing profile selection and stagger. We will continue to work with the University as we develop the BEHA design.

Cranfield is a postgraduate university, specialising in technology and management.

The theme running through¬†University’s 70-year history is a commitment to and passion for applied research which makes a difference to the world in the fields of science, technology and management.

The forerunner of Cranfield University was the College of Aeronautics, created in 1946 and based at the RAF station in Cranfield, Bedfordshire. Through the 1950s and 1960s, the development of many aspects of aircraft research and design led to considerable growth and diversification into other areas such as manufacturing and management.

In 1967, the School of Management was founded, so 2017 marks its 50th anniversary.

In 1969, the College of Aeronautics became The Cranfield Institute of Technology incorporated by Royal Charter with full degree-awarding powers.