About us

Faradair Aerospace Limited is the UK’s most exciting new aircraft manufacturer. The company was created in September 2014 and launched on November 17th 2014 with the vision of offering a new class of ‘Hybrid’ eco-friendly aircraft that offer owners and operators an economically viable alternative to inter-city road and rail transport.

The foundations/idea for the company, as a concept, were formed over 20 years ago. The origins for much of our thinking and experience comes from one of the UK’s most innovative UAV manufacturers in the late 1980’s – ASVEC. A company that was at the forefront of joined wing technology and one that many considered to be 10 years ahead of its time. Faradair harnesses that innovation and builds upon a wealth of experience of its team members to create a market viable opportunity today.

Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, UK, this Cirencester start-up is working with a select group of partners to deliver an innovative hybrid aircraft concept – BEHA (Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft).
The greatest threat to further aviation industry expansion comes from noise and emissions related issues, BEHA is designed to begin the transition to cleaner, quieter air travel. It will address the growing global requirement for cleaner transport options with a lower cost of operations; in doing so, it will open the opportunity for responsible industry growth, creating a future ‘Green Aviation’ standard both in consumer and commercial aviation.

In our first year of operations, the company has achieved global media coverage, established key industry partners who provide expertise for various programme elements. The aircraft itself has already begun its transformation from a design concept to prototype ready aircraft design and this process will continue over the next 18 months. This rapid development can be seen when you compare the image below from our initial launch to the images you see on the website today. BEHA is evolving with every week that passes and as technology develops, our new aircraft becomes even more capable.

The first concept image and beginning of the BEHA journey

All of this has happened in just 12 months, imagine the possibilities of what we can achieve in 3 years!