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BEHA represents an opportunity for a clean, quiet aircraft that delivers unique flight capabilities that will help shape an entire sector and set a standard in clean, quiet, low cost air travel and we would like you to get involved.

2014GAMarketThe General Aviation industry is worth $30billion a year with over 3000 different General Aviation aircraft sold across the world, with increase forecast from developing nations. Faradair has forecasted over £100million in specific market potential opportunity sales, described within our Investment Summary, now available for vetted investors.

Throughout this website you will have seen our progress in recent months, none of which would have been possible without our initial Angel Investors, to whom we will be forever grateful. As the programme develops and expands, then so does our need for further investment, but this is not just a capital requirement, but partnership, mentoring and experience in certain fields can all prove vital for our company growth.


Any project of this magnitude requires considerable investment, so the scale of funding required increases as our programme develops. Faradair has created a ‘staged’ investment plan that allows investors the opportunity to choose the point in the development programme, suitable to their budget.

Most importantly we are looking for visionaries and supporters, who are inspired by past innovation in aerospace and who want to become part of one of the UK’s most exciting new aviation programmes. We are inviting dialogue from Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds and National development agencies that see the opportunity within the clean technology and e-mobility sector.

If you would like to know more and be a major part of this journey, we encourage you to contact us via the link below and we look forward to discussing our proposals with you.

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