Investment via a desire to change a market

Innovators and Aviators have a similar passion for bold adventure and yet their passion and conviction is often not matched by those with the capital to make a dream a reality. We are looking for investment from those who like solutions to everyday problems.

The two greatest threats/problems to further aviation growth are noise and emissions – BEHA is a vision that solves both problems.FaradairMainTM

In just 18 months, Faradair has created a brand with a registered trademark, created a company that has won an award and earned its reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative aviation projects in the UK, along with a new aircraft design which is set to deliver a viable solution to the problem of noise and emissions.

The first phase of development for this innovative aerospace startup has been completed. The CFD modelling and simulated optimisation at Cranfield University has delivered a design which is offering flight characteristics not seen for an aircraft of its size and weight capability. The newly proposed hybrid engine is set to deliver a truly innovative propulsion system that could transform the General Aviation sector and it sounds the beginning of the second phase of growth for Faradair.

The company has just begun Series A investment discussions with various Angel networks and investment groups. The market opportunity for both the BEHA aircraft and the Hybraero H600 hybrid engine are significant, with a rate of return opportunity seldom seen in such a short timeframe.

Whilst politicians and activists talk about ‘Climate Change’, we put everything we had into actually creating something that delivers a tangible product that could assist in reducing our global carbon footprint. Many individuals have set 2020 as a target for cleaner, greener, air transport but few projects are actually delivering to this timescale.

Everything we have achieved, we achieved in just over 18 months, imagine what we will be able to achieve by 2020, providing we are given the support and investment to deliver our programme.

In November 2014 we spoke of a desire to create a new hybrid aircraft that could deliver a new way to fly, from city to city, island to island and region to region. Our company is founded on realistic goals and viable objectives, involving some of the finest strategic partners available, with world class engineering resources.

Once we have key investment partners, the prototype development path will be able to switch up a gear, enabling us to stick to our timeline and proving to the world that a cleaner, quieter air transport alternative is achievable.

The General Aviation market is worth $30billion a year with our own forecast for sales opportunity, well in excess of £100 million per year within the next 5 years.

If you would like to know more and be a part of this exciting journey, we encourage you to contact us via the link below and we look forward to discussing our proposals with you.