Patron program

This donation based model enables aviation enthusiasts and supporters of BEHA to be part of and share the experiences of the development journey. We have created a simple opportunity for you to become a Patron and part of BEHA’s creation and journey for just £50! (alternatively send a cheque for 65 Euros or $70 US Dollars)


By becoming a Patron, you will receive an exclusive Faradair polo shirt as worn by our team and more importantly, your name will be placed on the fuselage of the BEHA prototype aircraft, along with an invite to a private launch event of the prototype aircraft.

In order to become a Patron, simply send a cheque to our office (details on the Contact Us page) with a note confirming your wish to become a Patron of Faradair and your preferred Polo-shirt size. Please be advised, our Polo Shirts are ‘fitted’ and therefore we would recommend you take one size larger than usual. Please also specify if you would prefer male or female fit.

Polo Shirt sizes Chest (to fit) (in inches):
S = 32-34
M = 35-37
L = 38-40
XL = 41-43
2XL = 44-46
3XL = 47-49


Once we have received your donation, we will add you to our growing list of Patrons and we will add your name to the list of names that will be added to the fuselage of the first BEHA prototype aircraft. These names will represent those most important to us at Faradair, as without you, our supporters, we would not be here today!

We will keep you updated every quarter with news about the programme and more insight in to our operations our team and our vision.

Faradair is about making change a reality, through the delivery of hybrid aviation technology today and proving that we can and will do better within aviation, to provide cleaner, more cost effective forms of air transport that reduces the impact of noise and emissions on those around them.


Why not join us today and make your pledge to help make the world a ‘greener’ place and join us on our journey as we continue our development programme of BEHA.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to our team!