Hybraero is the new Joint Venture (JV) between Faradair and Prodrive to build a new Hybrid aviation engine

Hybraero Limited is a special purpose holding company co-owned by Faradair® Aerospace Limited and Prodrive Motorsport Limited. The H600 hybrid engine is the first engine that will be produced by the JV. The concept was formed when Faradair® could not find an engine that delivered the performance and safety requirements they needed for a hybrid propulsion system.

Prodrive has a proven track record for delivering high performance and technically advanced engines with excellent reliability within the motorsport sector and this new aircraft engine will utilise a range of new technologies and manufacturing processes, including 3D printing.

The H600 hybrid engine is intended to be made available to other aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, to enable faster integration of hybrid propulsion across the general aviation sector. All IP associated with the new H600 engine is retained within Hybraero Limited and both Faradair® and Prodrive will consider all options when it comes to the certification and manufacture of the new engine once it has completed ground and air trials.

The ICE engine element of this propulsion system will be lighter and more powerful than any equivalent sized engine in the market today and for the foreseeable future, offering a 21st century propulsion alternative to antiquated Avgas designs. Pricing of the engine is anticipated to be similar to existing new engines with future delivery slots subject to regulatory certification timetable.

With increasing demand for non-Avgas propulsion systems, the Hybraero H600 hybrid engine is a clean sheet design prolusion system, incorporating a 300hp ICE engine, working in combination with twin electric motors delivering a further 300hp. The total combined power capability is forecasted to be around 600hp with just 10 minutes of pure electric flight time.

The Hybraero H600 will power the BEHA aircraft in 2020, yet the first prototype engine is expected to begin air flight trials earlier than this.BEHA Hybraero