Hybraero is powerful yet small, JetA or Biofuel generator engine designed for Hybrid applications in the general aviation sector.

Hybraero Limited is a special purpose holding company co-owned by Faradair® Aerospace Limited and Prodrive Motorsport Limited. The H300 generator engine is the first engine that will be produced by the JV. The concept was formed when Faradair® could not find an engine that delivered the performance and safety requirements they needed for a new aircraft design concept back in 2015.

Prodrive has a proven track record for delivering high performance and technically advanced engines with excellent reliability within the motorsport sector and this new aviation focused engine will utilise a range of new technologies and manufacturing processes, including 3D printing to deliver an unmatched power to weight ratio.

The H300 engine is intended to be made available to aircraft, helicopter and E-VTOL manufacturers, to enable faster integration of hybrid propulsion across the general aviation sector. All IP associated with the new H300 engine is retained within Hybraero Limited and both Faradair® and Prodrive will consider all options when it comes to the certification and manufacture of the new engine once it has completed ground and air trials.

With increased interest in Urban Air Mobility, over 150 E-VTOL projects now exist around the world. Many of these projects will not survive and those that remain will likely include a ‘hybrid’ powered product within their portfolio. It is our belief that the Hybraero H300 will provide compact and efficient power generation that can serve this exciting new era in vertical flight.

With increasing demand for non-Avgas propulsion systems within the General Aviation sector, the Hybraero H300 is a clean sheet design generator engine specifically designed for integration with electric motors. Generating 300hp this efficient internal combustion engine will sit in a small footprint and weigh around 100kgs, enabling it to be combined with electric motor and battery pack for a direct fit replacement opportunity for many vintage design, six cylinder general aviation engines.

It is anticipated that the H300 will begin flight trials before the end of 2020 and that any companies interested in using the engine as part of a hybrid propulsion system, should use the ‘Contact Us’ section to find out further information.