Eco-friendly HQ and production facility

What is the point of an eco-friendly plane if there is no eco-friendly HQ

Currently the Faradair main office is based in the old Roman town Cirencester in Gloucestershire. ‘Corinium’ as it was known in Roman times, was a hub for trade and commerce. In more modern times, the Gloucestershire region has a long heritage in the aviation industry, sadly most of this heritage is now lost, with very few aircraft manufacturers left in the UK, we intend to reverse this trend.

We believe there is no point making an eco-friendly aircraft if the production facility relies on fossil fuel and takes power that could be used for households. Therefore Faradair will convert/build a production facility that utilises latest technologies for harvesting energy and water, ensuring the facility has a minimum carbon footprint and low impact on the local community.

Discussions have begun with various local Government regions, keen to secure the future employment rights and opportunity for a full production facility. Faradair is forecasting the creation of 500 jobs within the next five years and talks have begun with potential airfield sites, including an opportunity to build on former MOD facilities, effectively creating a ‘green aviation’ technology park.

New HQHowever due to many former airfields now being considered as ‘brownfield’ sites by central Government as a means to increase housing stock opportunity, sites are becoming unaffordable to the majority of businesses, due to the premium paid for land by property developing speculators.

Many of our historical airfields have been lost to developers and more private airfield owners will find the offers to sell to developers increasingly difficult to turn down from an economic perspective.