Faradair® – A total platform solution

Air Commuting

The Faradair® vision is to allow regional air transport for all through the solving of three core problems – Noise, emissions and operating costs

Imagine taking out your phone and checking the nearest airfield to see if a BEHA is available. You then simply push a contact button, speak with the operator and give your travel destination requirement and book the aircraft. The next step is to arrive at the airfield, check in and pay for your flight, pass through security and board the aircraft. Shortly thereafter you arrive at your destination and the BEHA returns to it’s home base.

Initially that flight will be piloted, but in time that flight will be autonomous and the BEHA is already designed to be fully unmanned flight capable. By designing and supplying a true multi-role aircraft that utilises electric propulsion for the take-off , it has created a low cost form of air transport that can be enjoyed by all, not just the wealthiest individuals.

This multi-mission, multi-role capable aircraft offers several market opportunities, with interest already coming from regional airlines, airfield and pilot operators and private individuals for personal VIP configuration. However the specific design of the aircraft allows it to lift heavy loads and operate in remote environments and unpaved airstrips, proving attractive to a number of agencies throughout the world.

The primary focus for Faradair® is now set on the exciting new sector of Air Mobility and regional ‘On-demand’ flight growth opportunity, creating an aircraft capable of flying 24/7 without disturbing the local populace.

Mission roles and opportunities are highlighted below;

  • viable low cost intercity commuter operations currently dominated by road and rail operators
  • a friend to nature, used to aid conservation efforts in combating poachers and tracking wildlife
  • tourism applications where aerial tours no longer have to disturb those beneath the flight path
  • air taxi services for organisations, hotels, resorts and government organisations
  • undertake many rotorcraft roles but for a fraction of the cost, noise pollution and safety risk
  • Police and emergency service operations with low operational costs and low noise impact to local populace
  • long distance power line and oil pipeline survey and inspection
  • oil rig transport via ‘floatplane’ derivative of BEHA
  • fisheries, Coast Guard, Maritime or border patrol and other non-civilian roles
  • Light freight/utility cargo operations during unsocial hours
  • VIP/Corporate shuttle for regular routes and staff members
  • drone/UAV operations with full remote pilot capability

Future Growth


Faradair® intends to lead Urban Air Mobility by creating a global fleet of aircraft that begin to transition us to an electric aircraft future. As this programme develops, we see opportunity for larger variants and partnership opportunity with existing OEM’s to create 20-50 variants of the BEHA.

The aircraft is also attracting significant interest from military operators around the world and this will spawn new variants with specific mission roles and capabilities, surrounding a common airframe.


BEHA Intercity