A safer way to fly

Innovative safety features for regional air transport

One of the largest sectors within General Aviation is the piston single engine market, closely followed in sales numbers by Rotorcraft (Helicopters), yet two of the greatest areas for concern in the operation of these aircraft is related to engine failure. I.e. if the propulsion fails you will be falling out of the sky at a speed and within an area of your glideslope capability.

In order to operate in or around the urban environment, safety is paramount and therefore innovative safety features have now become a more important part of every new aircraft purchase.

For an aircraft with ambitions to become a leading urban commuter aircraft, safety was a key part of our design process. The new Hybraero H600 hybrid propulsion system will offer maximum safety redundancy for the BEHA-H1, with either the JetA1/biofuel engine or the twin electric motors able to maintain full flight capability in the event of a power loss. This offers twin engine levels of safety, via single combined propulsion system on a single power lever.

The BEHA-E1 has twin electric motors in the event of a failure by one motor, the second motor will be able to maintain flight capability. Similarly the BEHA-M1 has the option to fit hybrid-electric capability to the Turboprop engine.

In the unlikely event the aircraft loses all power, the aircraft design will ensure a stable, glide capability with short field performance on all surfaces, offering the pilot a much larger selection of safe landing areas. If there is no possibility to land conventionally, the aircraft will also be fitted with a ballistic parachute recovery system and a state of the art cabin safety cell structure to protect occupants in the event of an emergency landing.


Safety Features:

  • Formula 1 style protection cell tub for the cabin
  • Ballistic parachute recovery system in the event of total power failure and inability to find a suitable landing site
  • Fixed landing gear to save weight and remove gear failure risk
  • Reserve power via twin hybrid propulsion system
  • Box wing configuration for reduced stall risk
  • Protected pusher propeller for quiet flight enjoyment

BEHA will be a truly safe aircraft to fly family, colleagues and friends in.

Innovative safety structure* Our carbon composites partner – Prodrive, utilising decades of championship winning motorsport experience