Unique Design & Variants

Unique Design

BEHA is a unique design that serves a functional purpose

BEHA incorporates a design patented ‘Triple Box Wing’ that delivers slow flight and high lift capability, enabling the aircraft to short take off and land (STOL) from extremely short runways of various surface types. BEHA’s unique design will be one of the most eye-catching, environmentally friendly aircraft in the skies; with ambition to revolutionise urban flying via reduction in emissions and noise pollution.unique design wings

Initial Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulations were used to assess various configurations in comparison to our original design. The aero engineers and professors at Cranfield University were surprised at the configuration performance capability, especially with the impressive slow speed flight capability and low stall speed characteristics. The airframe is currently in the final phases of airframe optimisation and the results will be revealed in the next 12 months.

With a cruising speed faster than a Chinook helicopter (165kts), the BEHA is providing a fixed wing alternative to many rotorcraft operations.

The aircraft includes a shrouded prop that not only helps with noise reduction, but also increases flight control at slow speed, via vectored thrust prop-wash. Side mounted air intakes provide cooling for the engine and electric motors with an all carbon composite airframe to reduce weight.


  • BEHA-6: A six seat VIP configuration primarily for private owners
  • BEHA-8: An eight seat corporate shuttle configuration with ‘quick change’ capability for cargo operations
  • BEHA-X: The non-civilian configuration for patrol and unmanned operations