Unique Design

BEHA is a unique design that serves a functional purpose

Our Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft incorporates a design patented ‘Triple Box Wing’ that delivers slow flight and high lift capability, enabling the aircraft to short take off and land (STOL) from extremely short runways of various surface types. BEHA’s unique design will be one of the most eye-catching, environmentally friendly aircraft in the skies; with ambition to revolutionise urban flying via reduction in emissions and noise pollution.

With a cruising speed just a bit faster (175kts) than a Chinook helicopter (165kts), the BEHA is providing a fixed wing alternative to many rotorcraft operations. The aircraft includes a shrouded prop that not only helps with noise reduction, but also increases flight control at slow speed, via the waste propwash.BEHAmontage

Side mounted air intakes provide cooling for the engine and electric motors with an all carbon composite airframe to reduce weight. The ability to take off and land on purely electric power offers the potential for ‘whisper’ quiet flight operation and the possibility for night flight capability over urban and other environments.

The electric propulsion also allows the pilot to reduce their fuel burn and emissions during the most intensive part of the flight process – take off. Manoeuvring the aircraft on the ground via electric propulsion including take off, significantly reduces noise and emissions, then reverting to ICE engine power to provide main flight propulsion, whilst recharging the electric flight batteries.

The unique design of the aircraft, offers slow flight capability with low stall capability. This slow flight capability is unusual for an aircraft of this size and it offers an opportunity to conduct roles and operations currently fulfilled by expensive to operate and less safe, helicopters.

Until battery technology becomes light enough to offer viable alternative for full electric flight, the hybrid engine business model provides an immediate solution to our urban, inter island, VIP, tourism, light utility, emergency service and patrol mission opportunities. Once full electric flight capability improves, BEHA will simply evolve.