Programme Partners

In order to deliver this project, key programme partners have been selected

Starting an aviation company from scratch is never an easy task, however in just 3 years Faradair® has become one of the leading Hybrid aviation programmes in the UK and it is doing this with the help of some fantastic partners.

In order to achieve the goals and objectives set, the company has partnered with market leading corporations and organisations, utilising their experience and engineering resources to assist us as we progress our new aircraft programme.

Each partner will bring a specific focus and expertise to a key component or technology on the aircraft, from the airframe design and optimisation to composite manufacture, avionics, hybrid propulsion and energy recovery technologies, in addition to legal protection and structuring.

Current programme partners are:

Swansea University





Whilst Faradair® is a UK based company, it is keen to work with experts around the world, enabling us to achieve the goals and objectives of a cleaner, quieter form of air travel. 

Specific information on our partners can be found in the drop down menus.